What is Living 21

Living 21 is a new campaign to look at ways to improve our lives. With austerity and, maybe, new awareness of what people can do to help other people themes are emerging where a little help can go a long way and make life better at every stage of our lives:

For example:

Living 21 – The Learning Years…..helping young people through school, university, apprenticeships. Ensuring that choices are understood, ideas shared and support given.

Living 21 – The Working Years…..helping people to cope with work-life balance, building work and life skills, managing challenges in the workplace, redundancy, stress, ¬†advancement.

Living 21 – The Rewarding¬†Years…..Helping to identify choices as the family grows and needs change, new opportunities and visions for the future.

Living 21 – The Later Years…..Helping to make life better in advancing years, ensure care is planned for and provided, decisions about homes and finances and enjoying every minute.

For more information contact Michael Kipp